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Christina Manuge is Canada's #1 Burlesque Costume Designer, and sole proprietor of Manuge et Toi Design.


She has proudly served the international burlesque community since 2008, specializing in the collaborative design and bespoke production of unique  burlesque costumes, and made to order stage wear.

She is hailed as one of the Most Influential Non-Performing Burlesque Figures worldwide, having been voted into this title by way of 21st Century Burlesque Magazine's Top 50 poll, every year since 2013.

Christina has created an extensive library of video tutorials, aimed at helping her fellow makers

improve their own costuming skills: 

TIPS  ON TAP tutorials are available for rental A La Carte, or via subscription on Patreon.

Manuge et Toi Design's Exclusive Costume Services

are booked on an annual basis, by application only.

For more information on this process, or to be notified when applications are open, get in touch

Luxury Burlesque Stagewear items are available made to order from the Manuge et Toi Shop.


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