Manuge et Toi offers bespoke corsets and custom waist training corsets. When you commission a bespoke Manuge et Toi, you will have a direct impact on your corset design. YOU are the ‘Toi’ in Manuge et Toi. Christina Manuge collaborates with each client to come up with a final piece that will be not only unique, but exclusive to that client.


Our bespoke corsets are not only drafted to each client's specific body measurements, but also corresponding to body shape; achieving the best and most comfortable fit possible.


This gallery shows just a small sample of past Manuge et Toi corset commissions. 


If you would like to commission a Manuge et Toi of your own, contact us now. There is usually a wait of several months for Christina's services, so it's best to plan ahead, and get in touch as early as possible.


We look forward to hearing from you!