Dazzling, sexy, and extremely well crafted; Manuge et Toi Pasties are very special!


Manuge et Toi Pasties are made with our exclusive 'curved apex' pastie base design: Our bases are seamless, and lack the pointy ‘cone tip’ of most pastie bases (better for concealment under your bra until the right moment), while still providing ample nipple space and a lovely peaked curvature.


We use only the highest quality rhinestones, and our meticulous embellishment is nothing short of top drawer. We don’t mind saying it; these pasties are outstanding, and we love coming up with new ways to outdo ourselves!  


We offer bespoke (one of a kind design) pasties, as well as made to order pasties. 


For made to order options, check out our shop! We also do fabulous custom g-strings, eugieseugienius, tassels to match. Go ahead. Fall in love! 




Starburst Pasties and Eugie

Custom Baroque Drop Pasties

Empress Pasties

Superstar Pasties

Crown Jewel Pasties

Flame Pasties with Signature Swarovski Tassels

Stella Pasties

Suzette Pasties