Introducing Manuge et Toi PECTIES - pasties for pecs!


Our PECTIE bases are made with the same magical construction as our Ultimate Illusion Pastie bases, thoughtfully re-designed with a low-profile offset apex, to better fit and flatter the shape of pecs!


Wearing pecties is *not only* an absolutely fabulous way to accessorize your costume/body: It’s also an act of solidarity with performers for whom the showing of nipples on stage or social media, is often a punishable offence. THANK YOU for that.


Deco Delight Pecties are available made to order, in virtually any colour combination you like! Please note your colours in the comment box, when making your purchase.

Would you like to add tassels to your pecties? You can! Please note that we cannot install spinners in pecties due to the shallow shape of the apex. However, we will gladly add a ring for tassel attachment. Add tassels to your order, and this will be done automatically. Or, if you’d like to add your own tassels, simply request the ring attachment at checkout and we’ll add it, free of charge.


Please note: ALL PRICES ARE IN USD. Pecties are not currently available with tassels.

Deco Delight PECTIES (Pasties for Pecs!)

  • Standard processing times for individual Pastie orders, is 6-10 weeks. When ordering multiple items/listings, please allow one additional week of processing time, per item.  Manuge et Toi is a one-woman company, and every piece is lovingly hand made by Christina Manuge. Her services are always in high demand. As a result, turnaround times can sometimes vary. However, in any case where it is not possible for your order to be completed within our standard processing timeline, Christina will contact you to discuss it, at the earliest possible opportunity.