Manuge et Toi pasties are reaching NEW HEIGHTS, with our SKYSCRAPER Pastie Base!


Skyscraper bases are made with the same magical construction as our Ultimate Illusion Pastie bases, but with a shape 50% taller than classic Manuge et Toi pasties. This height gives our Skyscrapers a totally different (you could say, more erotic) vibe. ðŸ˜‰ Skyscraper bases are available in most Manuge et Toi Pastie designs, including this one!


Esther pasties sparkle with brilliance, in their elegant diamond point design. A hint of your own nipple blush will add a naughty element to these gorgeous pasties!


Esther pasties can be made in any colour combination you like! For an extra naked sparkle, try Light Peach, Vintage Rose, Smoked Topaz or Mocha! For a dark sultry look, consider our favorite deep silvery hue, Silver Night. Please note your colours in the comment box, when making your purchase.


These pasties can be made in virtually any colour combination you like! Please note your colours in the comment box, when making your purchase.


If you would like tassels with these pasties, please add them to your cart separately. Spinners will be embedded in your pasties and the tassels will be made to coordinate, automatically.

If you do not want tassels but *do* want spinners to be embedded, we're happy to do so at no additional cost! 

Prefer our classic Ultimate Illusion Base for your pasties? That's cool!
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New! Esther SKYSCRAPER Pasties

  • Manuge et Toi Pasties are sized based on the diameter of areola coverage you require (as opposed thee the final measurements of the pasties* themselves). Each design has its own pre-set size options but if you don’t find a size that works for you, please feel free to contact us to inquire.