This listing is set up to allow early-bird orders from my patrons, on the upcoming listings for which they have been given a sneak peek, on Patreon. 


PATRONS: Please select the item of your choice, and make a note of your colour and shape preferences, in the comment box at checkout. Remember to use your coupon code! 




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  • All Manuge et Toi Stagewear pieces are made to fit your individual measurements! Once you have made your order, Christina will instruct you on which measurements are needed, and how to take them yourself. Don’t worry - if something seems off in the measurements you provide, she’ll reach out and ask you to re-check it before moving forward.

    Please Note: Required measurements must be provided within ten days of request, or before the end of the item’s processing timeline. Failure to provide the required measurements within this very reasonable timeframe, will result in a no-refund order cancellation.