NOTE: This shop is currently closed, and will reopen in 2023. The price range for this item is $109 to $149 USD.

The Basic Assets Body Harness is cleverly designed to frame and flatter your assets! From the front, it accentuates your curves, and leaves the bust area open for other costume elements to take centre stage. From the rear, it frames your booty and gives the waist a visual cinch, creating the illusion of a more hourglass-like shape.


Illustrated with GRAD STRAPS upgrade. See below for all your options!


Options include:

Standard: 3/8” straps, with a simple g-hook closure (as shown in black).

Quick Release: Upgrade to our dainty but effective, one-hand-release clasp. Great for stress-free stage removals!

Bold: 1/2” straps and a strong magnetic clasp or quick release clasp at the back, for a slightly more substantial look.

GRAD STRAPS: The ultimate strap upgrade! These straps graduate in width, from 3/8” or 1/2", to 3/4”. Grad straps are employed thoughtfully in each commission, to create the most flattering and aesthetically pleasing effect. Strong magnetic clasps or quick release clasps are used with all grad strap upgrades.


Available in any colour, so long as we can source it! Please note what colour you would like, in the comment box upon checkout.



The Basic Assets Body Harness

  • All Manuge et Toi Stagewear is made to fit your individual measurements! Once you have made your order, Christina will instruct you on which measurements are needed, and how to take them yourself. Don’t worry - if something seems off in the measurements you provide, she’ll reach out and ask you to re-check it before moving forward.

    Please Note: Required measurements must be provided within ten days of request, or before the end of the item’s processing timeline. Failure to provide the required measurements within this very reasonable timeframe, will result in a no-refund order cancellation.